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Former Research Coordinator at WHCRC Competes at Rio Olympics

Image via Chierika Ukogu's Instagram, @cukogu

Image via Chierika Ukogu's Instagram, @cukogu

Chierika Ukogu, a former research coordinator at WHCRC, competed at the Rio Olympics this summer in the single sculling event. Ukogu, 24, worked as a research coordinator at the Penn Family Planning and Pregnancy Loss Center for nearly two years before leaving her position to pursue training full-time for the Olympics. A graduate of Stanford University, Ukogu became the first rower to represent the country of Nigeria at the Olympic Games and did so without any institutional support – Ukogu was completely self-funded through a GoFundMe page and shirts she designed. Chierika, who has extensive experience sweep rowing in high school and as an undergraduate, transitioned to sculling for the Olympics, a change that required her to go from being one of eight rowers to rowing individually. Ultimately, she finished 4th in Semi-Final C/D and successfully made it to Final D, where she placed 2nd – a final standing of 20th in the Rio Olympics. Ukogu started medical school this fall at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 

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