Meet the Research Team

(l to r: Dr. Kurt Barnhart and Elizabeth Steider)

(l to r: Dr. Kurt Barnhart and Elizabeth Steider)

WHCRC Administrators

  • Dr. Kurt Barnhart


  • Elizabeth Steider

    Director of Operations

  • Bridget Nolan

    Director of Regulatory Affairs

  • Mary Sammel

    Director of Biostatistical Support

  • Valerie Baldwin

    Executive Coordinator

  • Vivian Robinson-Conti

    Executive Administrative Assistant

Principal Investigators

Research Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

  • Karen Lecks, CRNP
  • Maureen Prewitt, RN, CCE

Clinical Trials Now Recruiting!

Active Clinical Trials

Fertility and the BRCA gene

Medical Management of PCOS

Non-hormonal intrauterine device

Research study for women with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding due to Uterine Fibroids


IUD study for current Mirena users

Research Study for Overweight Women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)