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Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

38th and Market Streets, Philadelphia PA 19104

Public Transportation

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center is convenient to reach by several public transportation routes:

  • The SEPTA Market/Frankford Blue Line (the elevated train/subway stops one block away from Penn Presbyterian Medical Center at 40th and Market streets.
  • SEPTA bus routes 30 and 40 stop at 40th and Market streets, within one block of Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • Two other SEPTA bus routes stop within a few blocks of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • The westbound 21 stops at 40th and Walnut streets.
  • The eastbound 21 stops at 40th and Chestnut streets.
  • The 42 stops at 40th and Spruce Streets.
  • All SEPTA Regional Rail Lines stop at 30th Street Station. From there, take the Market-Frankfort Blue Line west two stops to 40th Street. Taxi service is also available from 30th Street Station to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.


Convenient parking on Presbyterian's campus is available in the garage at 38th and Filbert streets or on the open lot at 3910 Filbert Street.

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

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