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Comparative Effectiveness of Pregnancy Failure Management Regimens


This is an NIH-funded research study investigating a new treatment option for the medical management of early pregnancy loss. It compares the current standard of care, a medication called misoprostol, to a combination treatment of a drug called mifepristone taken in addition to misoprostol.  We are trying to determine which option works better.  The combination treatment is already used successfully in women desiring induced abortion in early pregnancy.  We are also looking at the biology of miscarriage to predict which women are most likely to succeed with medical management of early pregnancy loss. 

Subject participation will last for 30 days and participants will receive a total of $250 for study completion.  

Qualified participants: 
•    Good general health
•    Women 18 years or older
•    Between 5 and 12 weeks pregnant
•    Diagnosed with early pregnancy loss
•    Willing to use medical management to help pass the pregnancy
•    Willing to be randomized to one of the two treatment arms. 


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Courtney A. Schreiber, MD, MPH


Penn Family Planning research phone number: 
(215) 615-0381 listing

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