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Optimal treatment for women with a Persisting Pregnancy of Unknown Location- a Randomization Clinical Trial of women at risk for an ectopic pregnancy: Active Treatment versus Expectant Management (No Treatment) The "ACTorNOT TRIAL"

This is a randomized controlled trial to compare three currently available management strategies for women with a persisting pregnancy of unknown location (PPUL), which makes them at-risk for ectopic pregnancy.  This is for stable women with a confirmed PPUL to be randomized to one of three strategies:

  1. Uterine evacuation followed by methotrexate (MTX) for some (those that have evidence of a non-visualized ectopic pregnancy)
  2. Empiric treatment with MTX for all
  3. Expectant management 

Recruiting from clinical population only


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Kurt Barnhart, MD, MSCE


Study Coordinator:
Ashley Singer
215-615-4201 listing

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