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NuMOM2b Heart Health Study

Pregnancy as a Window to Future Cardiovascular Health:  Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes as Predictors of Increased Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease (U10)

The assumption that women return to normal health following a pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia or other adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) currently guides medical practice. However, several retrospective epidemiologic studies indicate that these women remain at an increased risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The purpose of the NuMOM2b Heart Health Study is to perform an observational follow-up study of the existing NuMoM2b cohort and to examine the cardiovascular risk profile of women with a history of preeclampsia and other APOs at approximately two years postpartum. The study entails a series of phone interviews over the course of three years during which time researchers will collect basic health information about postpartum health. Participants may also be eligible for in-clinic visits where researchers will obtain body measurements and blood. The knowledge gained from this prospective study will provide future scientific direction to develop strategies for follow-up and medical management of cardiovascular risk factors in the early postpartum years.   

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Samuel Perry 

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