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I-Gram Study

Infant Growth and Microbiome Study


The goal of the I-Gram study is to consider the connection between pediatric obesity and the microbiome of mother and infant. Given the rising rate of childhood obesity, the I-Gram study aims to analyze how the bacteria in an infant’s gut metabolizes energy and leads to weight gain. Researchers will also consider the roles of maternal pre-pregnancy BMI, third trimester diet, and mode of infant delivery, in order to investigate the possible causal link between infant gut microbiome and weight gain velocity. This study specifically involves African American normal weight and obese pregnant women in their third trimester delivering at HUP. All infants will join the study following birth. Over the course of approximately a year, researchers will collect growth measurements from mother and infant, information about mood and stress, as well as a number of biospecimans. The knowledge gained from the I-Gram study will allow researchers to thoroughly assess the origins of childhood obesity and evaluate the mechanisms linking the microbiata and metabolme of mother and infant.      


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Babette Zemel
Dr. Michal Elovitz


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Active Clinical Trials

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