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Family Planning

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Maternal Fetal Medicine


    Randomized trial on labor induction

  • BIBS Study

    Bupropion Intervention for Baby’s Sake

  • CHAP Study

    Chronic Hypertension and Pregnancy Project


    Preeclampsia research

  • NuMOM2b Heart Health Study

    Pregnancy as a Window to Future Cardiovascular Health:  Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes as Predictors of Increased Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease (U10)

  • OMSS

    Optimal Management of the Second Stage of labor 

  • PRoMISE Study

    PRecision Medicine in Segregating Endotypes in preterm birth


    Premature birth in twin pregnancies


Reproductive Health/Infertility


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Active Clinical Trials

Fertility and the BRCA gene

Studies on the Epigenetic Regulation of Human Pregnancy in  Fertile and Infertile Couples and Placental Parameters Sub-Study

Research study for women with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding due to Uterine Fibroids


Paid research study seeking healthy women who are not at risk for pregnancy

IUD study for current Mirena users

Infertility study

Non-hormonal intrauterine device