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The Women’s Health Clinical Research Center is a non-profit organization founded in 2006. We are dedicated to improving the health of women through innovative clinical research studies, education, and cooperation across different specialties and departments.


Why Participate in Research?

Research studies can help us learn more about different diseases and conditions, and are part of the process for developing new medications and treatments.

By participating in clinical trials, volunteers help increase our understanding of medical interventions and play a crucial role in getting drugs and devices approved for use in treating other patients.


Recent Updates

Former Research Coordinator at WHCRC Competes at Rio Olympics

Image via Chierika Ukogu's Instagram, @cukogu

Image via Chierika Ukogu's Instagram, @cukogu

Chierika Ukogu, a former research coordinator at WHCRC, competed at the Rio Olympics this summer in the single sculling event. Ukogu, 24, worked as a research coordinator at the Penn Family Planning and Pregnancy Loss Center for nearly two years before leaving her position to pursue training full-time for the Olympics. A graduate of Stanford University, Ukogu became the first rower to represent the country of Nigeria at the Olympic Games and did so without any institutional support – Ukogu was completely self-funded through a GoFundMe page and shirts she designed. Chierika, who has extensive experience sweep rowing in high school and as an undergraduate, transitioned to sculling for the Olympics, a change that required her to go from being one of eight rowers to rowing individually. Ultimately, she finished 4th in Semi-Final C/D and successfully made it to Final D, where she placed 2nd – a final standing of 20th in the Rio Olympics. Ukogu started medical school this fall at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 


General Interest Survey

Would you like to be a part of the research at the WHCRC, but you’re not sure where to start? This survey will ask you a variety of questions to help us see if you might be eligible for one of our research studies. Your information will be added to our database, and a coordinator may contact you via phone or email to see if you are interested in their study.

Your information will always be kept private and will only be used for this purpose.